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Jeremiah Fleming & Simone Nuissl

Jeremiah and Simone



       A Day Goes By

         by Pirandello

Zij spelen op dinsdag om 20.30 uur en woensdag 18 oktober van 18.00 uur  - 18.20 uur in het Theater.

A Day Goes By is a story about a man who appears to be lost in time.

We first meet him when he is thrown out of a train he didn't know he was on early one morning.  At the end of the day , through a number of events, it transpires moreover that he has become a stranger in his own life.


Pirandello's touching an poignant tale raises many unanswered questions about our lives.

This little jewel of a story lasts 15 minutes. Enjoy!!!


This production was especially created for The Festival of Older people by Jeremiah and Simone. 


Actor and storyteller Jeremiah Fleming and theatre maker and director Simone Nuissl have worked together on the art of storytelling for quite a number of years.

Their stories have been performed for symposia, corporate events, private parties, theatre festivals and schools. 

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